The board of Young Agenda 21

(21.10.2008) The board of the foundation is made up of representatives from some of the founding sponsors, from environmental organisations, educational institutions, and others. Ms. Anne-Kari Aas Eielsen is the chair of the board. She is an information consultant at Lyse Energi.

The members and deputy members of the board are elected for two years, and half of the members are electible every year. The board is the highest authority of the foundation, and it elects new members itself.
The board 2008:
Anne-Kari Aas Eielsen, Lyse Energi; Information Consultant
Deputy Chair:
Anndi Lomeland Jacobsen, Norwegian Society for Conservation of Nature
Board members:

  • Ellen Solheim, Rogaland County municipality; Deputy Mayor
  • Hilde Firman Fjellså, Stavanger municipality; politician
  • Cathrine Eide, Sandnes municipality; politician
  • Jane Nilsen Aalhus, StatoilHydro; Project manager, New Energy
  • Lone Lunde, Comenius teacher, Iglemyr school, Sandnes
  • Øyvind Gjerde, United Nations Association of Norway, Rogaland dept.; General Manager
  • Elisabeth Sjo Jespersen, Green City Foundation; General Manager

Deputy Representatives:

  • Jan Gunnar Mattingsdal, Rogaland County Municipality; politician
  • Tord Tjelflaat, IVAR; Divisional Engineer, Department of Marketing and Development
  • Tom Henning Slethei, Sola municipality; Deputy Mayor
  • Marit Sofie Idland, Gjesdal municipality; politician
  • Anne-Mette Fjærli, StatoilHydro; Special Communications Consultant
  • Nadia Aarab, International Research Institute of Stavanger; researcher
  • Ingeborg Dirdal, University of Stavanger; Communications Consultant
  • Olaug Øygarden, Amnesty International Norway; leader Students' network
  • Bjørg Tysdal Moe, Green City Foundation; chairwoman (and Deputy Mayor of Stavanger)