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The Young Agenda 21 Foundation

(29.08.2007) Young Agenda 21 has an objective of implicating the aims of of Agenda 21 into practise. Agenda 21 is the document that concluded the 1992 World Summit for Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro.

Children must be involved in decisions about their future environment, and their views shall be made clear to those in charge of society today.

Young Agenda 21 was founded in September 2000, by the following supporters:

  • Rogaland county municipality
  • City of Stavanger
  • City of Sandnes
  • Sola municipality
  • Gjesdal municipality
  • Statoil
  • Lyse
  • IVAR (Inter-municipal water, sewage and waste works)
  • ENS Foundation (Environment Northern Seas).

Young Agenda 21 was established as a result from the Children's ENS (Environment Northern Seas) conferences that were held in Stavanger up to 1999. The Children's ENS was awarded the Environmental Prize of Rogaland County Municipality in 1999.

The foundation is based in Rogaland, working on national and international projects. Young Agenda 21 hosts large international environmental conferences for children every two years. Between 500 and 650 children from all over the world participate at these conferences as well as a vast amount of local school children. Young Agenda 21 also takes part in other arenas for generating environmental awareness among children.

Young Agenda 21 collaborates with other groups within Local Agenda 21 in Rogaland and in Norway: the municipalities, environmental organisations, with schools, twin cities organisations in Stavanger, and others concerned with environment and education. The organisation's activities are financed by support from the founders, and by individual project support from different public organisations and private businesses.
The secretariat is located at International House in Stavanger, where a wide range of organisations have their offices.

Young Agenda 21 is local organiser of the United Nations' environment conference for children in June 2008, named Tunza 2008. More information at